Website Portfolio

Within the past years I has developed different websites for myself and others. I has mainly used WordPress and Prestashop, where I have written some custom code to make the functionality that I needed. Some of the websites that are still alive is listed below.

In a new project which I'm currently working on is a webshop called This is a shared project between me and my girlfriend.
The webshop is built in a webshop system called Prestashop, which is a framework to build on. The benefits by using this system is that it’s easy to get started and have a lot of modules that can extend the functionality.

This website was build for my sisters husbond, he started as a self employed carpenter and therefore he needed a website to advertise for his company. The website is build upon WordPress with plugins to support various features.

This website is a private project for an vacation house in the family. This website is used to inform those people that rent the house, about the attractions/shopping on the area.


Snapshoot of some of the websites I made